Mycotech Leads on SEED Awards 2019 for Low Carbon Category
24-11-2019 - 14:28 | Views: 3.05k
Mycotech. (Picture by: Titik Rusmiati for TIMES Indonesia)
Mycotech. (Picture by: Titik Rusmiati for TIMES Indonesia)

JAKARTA ,TIMESJAZIRAHMycotech is a company which provides eco biocomposite for construction material from agricultural waste that bind with mushroom mycelium. This company has managed to take an award from SEED Award 2019 for Low Carbon category.

SEED AWARD is an annual awards scheme designed to identify the most innovative and promising locally led start-up eco-inclusive enterprises in developing and emerging economies.

Each year, multiple award categories are offered, ranging from country- or region-specific awards to SEED Low Carbon Award, SEED Africa Awards, and SEED South Africa Climate Adaptation Awards.

The winner for  SEED Low Carbon Award 2019 has been acknowledged on October 21st 2019 on their official website (

Around 900 participants were signing their name to join the event. This event were designed to fight the poverty and climate changes struck nine major country such as Ghana, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

On this occasion, Mycotech as an advanced bio-material designed using mushroom mycelia as a non-toxic binder agent that enables the production of affordable, environmentally friendly and recyclable building materials, for a wide range of applications, from agricultural waste has managed to win the first place on the SEED Low Carbon Award 2019.

As a result, Mycotech will receive €10.000 cash from SEED Award 2019 and will be taken to participate update in SEED Accelerator program and will be introduced to another 240 other companies from around the world which has won the SEED Award before. (*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Sofyan Saqi Futaki
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